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If I don't know the answer, the members will!

The Q & A Blog

Firstly, welcome to the new look "Ask Me A Question" network which retains the Questions and Answers Blog. However we have now included bulletin boards for those who like posting in forums. Obviously you can post in both should you wish to do that. The Q & A Blog has seen no changes and remains in the same format, so click the link above to enter the blogs.

Ask Me A Question Forum

Our members asked us to supply a Questions and Answers Forum, so we did just that. We have added this platform because some people prefer posting in a forum. Obviously, now we have the best of both worlds - blogs and forums. So, pop over the the "Ask Me A Question Form" today and ask as many questions as you like about anything under the sun!

Site Information

Obviously to keep out Ask Me A Question network running smoothly, we need to provide some relevant information. While we encourage freedom of speech and want people to be themselves, we still need some constraints etc. Please don't join us unless you understand our site notices. We have a Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and a contact page in this section.
To begin with, welcome to the "Ask Me A Question" website. The title implies that you are only asking one person, of course I don't know the answer to everything. However, there will be other members and visitors who will know the answers to all your questions. So, if you have a question that's been bugging you, let us know in either the blog or the forum. Your questions could be on any subject whatsoever. For example, you may have a question about politics - we will have the answer. You may also have a personal problem, again just ask here, it's all anonymous. Indeed, whatever questions you want to ask, you will get a reply from someone with knowledge, guaranteed!
Disclaimer: Our "Ask Me A Question" network is a public platform for any member of the public to join in. We supply our platform in good faith and we encourage people to ask questions about any subject they so choose. We support free speech as well as lending an ear to those who may wish to talk about their concerns. While we have notices, rules and guidelines for anyone who posts anywhere on our network, we can't possibly moderate all posts, but we will try our best. However, should you find something not quite right, let us know. Finally, all questions asked are from members of the public. Likewise, all answers come from ordinary people too. Our platform is not here to offer any form of advice, legal or otherwise. It's sole intention is for social interaction and for entertainment purposes only.