This information page is all about the “Ask Me A Question” website, of course. In fact, we have the Home Page which you should really bookmark should you wish to return often. Then we have the blogs which is where you are right now. However, due to popular demand, we have added a Question and Answer Forum too.

You can ask any question under the sun here - who what where when and why - it matters not

Indeed, you can ask any question under the sun here!

About The “Ask Me A Question” Network

Firstly, the internet is a wonderful place in which to surf and learn. However, it’s not all serious stuff and there are plenty of places to chill out. In fact, my network “Ask Me A Question” is one of those chill out places! If you are like me and sick of the brainwashing television, then you’ll know what I mean. In other words, they stuff the television down our throats. But, you can pick and choose on the internet. So, we do!

Secondly, the website came about through me and one of my mates, Bobby. Indeed, it was never our intention to have it too serious. With that in mind, we don’t mind how people treat the website. If you wish to be serious, so be it. Likewise, if you wish to have a laugh, do that too. Obviously, we just provide the platform, you are free to do as you want here (within reason). Remember, there are also laws which you must sick by!

Originally, we just had the blog. Things were chugging along quite nicely of course. However, we had a request to add a collection of message boards. In other words, a forum. So, this is what we have done and we must admit that it has improved things. Not only can you post questions on the blogs here, but you can also post on the massive Q and A Forum.

Q and A Forum

Obviously we want the forum to be a success. With this in mind, we have added many categories for your convenience. So there you have it, we provide platforms for your entertainment, how good is that?

Please be aware that you are fully responsible for anything you post on our blogs or forums. Indeed, it is not our intention to run after you and correct your posts. Therefore, if you wish to post illegal stuff, this is not the place for you. In other words, just be good like us and everything will tick over just nicely.

Finally, enjoy your stay here at the Ask Me A Question websites. If you have any questions that you wish to ask and don’t to ask your family or friends, then please remember us. Indeed, no matter what your question is, we will answer you back – promise!

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