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Ask Me A Question Forum Rules

We want you to enjoy yourself while you are on the Ask Me Question Forum. However, we have responsibilities while we provide this forum for your pleasure. With this in mind, we have a collection of rules and guidelines which you must stand by.

Before you post anywhere on our Q&A forum, you must read and understand these rules and guidelines.
Also, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as well.


01) Obviously, you are fully responsible for anything you post on our websites - period!
02) Porn and extreme images are not permitted anywhere on our network. Don't link to those either.
03) Please don't swear or be obnoxious in any way - while we allow freedom of speech, try and use alternative words. However, if swearing is essential to your posts, we may overlook this. But please don't use this as an excuse to swear.
04) You must never make another member of our website feel uneasy. Indeed, you should help them along!


A) You may ask any question you like about any subject you choose, but please use the appropriate category.
B) Stay on topic at all times, and if necessary, start a new thread.

We reserve the right to amend these rules and guidelines. Therefore, you should call back regularly to inspect any changes, if any.