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Q&A Forum Ranking System

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Q&A Forum Ranking System

Post by Bobby »

Q&A Forum Ranking System

The Q&A Forum now has a ranking system in place based on how many posts you make.
Every time you make a new thread or reply to a topic, your post count increases by one.

Then, when you reach a certain level, your rank will increase accordingly - this is automatic.
However, there are only 6 possible question mark ranks, so please be patient.

As your rank increases, your question marks light up in your ranking bar until they all are lit.
The higher ranks obviously have the most authority, at least in theory!
In other words, posts from those people with the highest ranks are more authoritative.
Anyone can join in and this system is in place to encourage you to post often.

Once your question mark ranking bar is all lit, keep posting until you finally become a Support Member.
Then, your posts will carry the most authority - you even get a new ranking bar (not question marks).

So, there you go, join in with us and increase your standing.
Do you think your answers deserve more authority than others?
Well then, you know what to do - start posting!

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