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Only One Question Please - Rules!

Are you aware that we also have some blogs on the "Ask Me A Question" network? Well we have and you can also ask questions there too. Obviously we have the best of both worlds in which to ask questions about anything under the sun. These are links to questions and answers on the blog.
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Only One Question Please - Rules!

Post by Bobby »

Only One Question Please - Rules!

This section is for those questions which are also on our massive Q&A Blog.
If you ask a question on the blog, you can also also highlight it here in the Q&A Forum, of course.


Although you can ask any question you like here at the "Ask Me A Question" Network, you may only ask it once unless you reword the question
In other words, if you ask a question on the blog, don't ask the identical question on the Q&A Forum.
If you must ask the same question on the blog and forum together, please ensure that you word it differently, ie don't copy and paste it.

Here is an example of asking the same question twice but worded differently:

Q1) Should I paint my front door red or blue?
Q2) Are there any benefits of painting my front door blue or should I just paint it red?

Of course, those are examples of a very basic question.
However, you must do this should you wish to post a similar question on the blog and forum.
Also remember that you must stick by the Terms and Conditions of our network and the rules on this forum etc.

Obliviously, we would like you to reply to as many posts as you can.
This is because you can share your thoughts and opinions with others while possibly offering people a solution to their query.
In other words, help out where you can!

Finally, we operate a ranking system here on the Q&A Forum.
The more posts you make, the higher your ranking becomes.
So, the higher your rank, the more authoritative your posts become - in theory :mrgreen:
Above all, have fun and don't take life too seriously.

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