The Dying Sun?

Anon Y Mouse asked 5 years ago

OK this is my question, we all know that there will be an end to everything, or will there?
I don’t know but maybe all this matter what exists will still exist but we do know the Sun will die out when it runs out of fuel.
The question is when will the Sun run out of that energy and die?

1 Answers
Bobby Dazzler Staff answered 5 years ago

Of course the sun will die but not for 4.5 billion years.
Therefore, we have 4.5 billion years to find a new planet to colonise.
Possibly more like 1 billion really because things change over time and I doubt very much if the sun can continue like it is for that long.
In fact, we might have less than all this. But, for now, let’s just enjoy our lives.